DIY Halloween Wine Glasses

These Halloween wine glasses are perfect to trick or treat with! Made with a Cricut and Vinyl. Gotta Pin these for my friends!

Every year at Halloween we take the kids around the neighborhood to trick or treat. Most parents would use their affiliate link button3wagon to tote around the kids when they get tired but I use it as a traveling bar! We pack it with ice, beer and wine. I usually like to have a fun Halloween wine glass and this year I decided to DIY my own Halloween wine glasses!These wine glasses are perfect to trick or treat with! Made with a Cricut and Vinyl. Gotta Pin these for my friends!

I’m going to show you how easy they were to make and you can make them too! I have always been a fan of Cricut and I used my Cricut Explore Air™ to make these. If you have a Silhouette you can use that as well. For the vinyl, I only use Oracle 651 waterproof vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. It sticks on great and I never have a problem with it coming off until I want it to. The colors I used for this Halloween Craft are Black, White and Pastel Orange. Not to worry if you want to remove these Halloween Decals after the holiday is over, you can use a craft heat gun or hair dryer on hot to loosen the glue and peel them off.

How to Design a Vinyl Decal With a Cricut

Log into your Cricut Design Space and set up your text and pictures. Here is the list of images I used:

  • Ghost Icon #M3D1D70 (Creepy Critters Cartridge)
  • Creative Bug Witch #M104070 (Creative Bug Cartridge)
  • Rob & Bob Carnival Font

Make fun wine glass decals with a Cricut and Vinyl for fun Halloween wine glasses

Use a measuring tape or a string and ruler to measure your wine glass and adjust your sizes. I like a big wine glass to hold onto and the goblet part of my glass is 4 1/2″ from rim to stem. Once you put in your layouts there are two really important steps you don’t want to skip.

How to Sync Colors on the Cricut

Syncing the colors on your Cricut will allow you to save time and vinyl when you make your cuts. On the right side of your screen click on Sync. You can drag and drop things you want to be cut in the same color. The text for my “I’m just here for the boos!” glass and the witch are both black so I dragged the witch into the black color line. You can see how it looks below.How to sync your colors on the Cricut Explore to save on materials and cutting time

Once you hit cut you can see how everything is set up for you to make your cuts by color. It makes it so easy for you, there’s no way to mess it up!
Do multiple projects at one time and save time and material on your Cricut by syncing your colors

How to Keep your Design in Place when Cutting on the Cricut

The second important step is to attach your letters. The Cricut Design Space is automatically set up to cut using the least material as possible. If you don’t attach your letters when you go to cut they will be all jumbled up and you will be struggling to apply them neatly. When applying a vinyl decal it’s better to have it stay as you set it up. To keep your design in place when cutting on the Cricut,  click on your words then click on the Layers Tab in the right-hand window. Click attach and your letters will stay in place for cutting. You can see above when I go to cut it’s not jumbled.How to attach letters on the Cricut so they stay in order when you go to cut and don't move aroundOne of the most frustrating things for me to learn in working with vinyl was how to apply vinyl on a curved surface. I’m going to show you how to to do this with the Halloween ghost wine glasses I made.

Love this I'm just here for the boos wine glass. They are perfect to trick or treat with! Made with a Cricut and Vinyl. Gotta Pin these for my friends!

How to Apply Vinyl on a Curved Surface

Once you get your decal cut apply transfer tape to your design. I prefer the paper transfer tape. It’s still see through enough to see what you’re doing, but let’s go of your vinyl a little easier without pulling it back up once it’s applied. Expressions Vinyl has great video tutorials on how to use transfer tape and apply vinyl  but, they don’t show you this trick.
How to apply vinyl decals to a curved surface like glasses or Christmas ornaments

Before you remove the backing of your design to adhere it to your glass you will want to cut slits around the edges. This will allow your design to curve around the glass and prevent crimping. There is nothing worse than doing all this work and getting a big crease in your design when you apply it.

After you get the design on, take your Cricut Scraper and rub the decal down to get rid of  any bubbles under your decal.

Use your Cricut scraper to apply vinyl and get out all the bubbles

Once that’s done just peel off the transfer tape and you are all done! I just love these fun Halloween wine glasses and you can apply these to acrylic wine glasses as well.

These wine glasses are perfect to trick or treat with! Made with a Cricut and Vinyl. Gotta Pin these for my friends!



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