Halloween Crafts: A Black and White No Carve Pumpkin

Make this cute black and white funkin to perk up your decor

I love Halloween Crafts. I did not come to love Halloween until I had kids but now it is one of my favorite holidays. I am working on decorations for my Mantel and this year I am going with a black and white theme. Yesterday I shared with you How to Tea Stain Ribbon. Today I am going to show you how I used it.

Make this cute black and white funkin to perk up your decor

You might be saying big deal she tied it on a pumpkin. Have you ever tried to tie something on a short stemmed funkin? ( for those of you who don’t know that is slang for fake pumpkin)

Here are just a few tips for how I made this cute black and white spider pumpkin. First using a small hanger nail I tacked the ribbon into the pumpkin neck so it will not move. If you don’t it just slides right off.

Then I took some  1/2-Inch Glue Dots  and stuck them to the back of the spider body. Because it was not a wide surface I had to roll them up a bit. I got the spider at my local dollar store.

Then I stuck Mr. Spider to the funkin and that was it. I think he turned out pretty cute. The best thing is I can take it all off and use my funkin again next year anyway I want.

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