Goodwill Onion Basket

I wanted a basket to keep onions and stuff on my counter as we use a lot of them and buy the big bag. Matthew and I tood a trip to our local Good Will

Where I found this georgeous beauty!

and she only cost this much!

so I wanted to paint it black, I used spray paint and if you go to here there is a great tutorial on how to paint and avoid the runs!

Here is after 1 coat better to go light than to heavy

Baskets are dry and soak up a lot of paint so this project took a whole can to ge the whole thing covered solid

Here is my sweet puppy Chili (yes I know all the jokes, chili pup etc) she haddy a bad tummy yesterday so she was chillin’

Here is the finished product after 3 coats and some spot shots to get int he crevases of the wicker

Here is another pic my hubby and I are having a disagreement over where it should go, I want to hang it at the end of a cabinet he thinks it will get in the way. hmmm we’ll see.


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  1. Live and learn, right/ don't think I ever heard that and I am 71 yrs old. Thanks!JonellLike Gramma's House Blog

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