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Make a Yoda Pumpkin - Miss Information
This past week Garrett’s School had there annual Fall Festival. Our Home and School committee (that’s what we call PTO for some reason) does a fantastic job with it every year. They have an annual pumpkin contest and this year Garrett wanted to do a Star Wars themed pumpkin for his entry. We hit the produce section and made this fun Yoda Pumpkin. 
Make a Yoda Pumpkin - Miss Information
We had a lot of fun putting him together. We broke off bamboo skewers and hammered the items we used in with a rubber mallet. Here are the list of parts:

  • Ears – a gourd cut in half
  • Eyeballs – tomatillos cut in half
  • Eyelids – cantaloupe skin
  • Nose – A lemon rind carved
  • Mouth – a chayote squash with the end cut off to make it flat

We set him up on a plastic pot and wrapped some burlap and a leather tie around the waist to make it look like his clothes.  Garrett won 2nd place in the 3rd grade for his pumpkin. The first grade winner was dressed in our schools uniform.

I love fall it is so full of fun things to do, I can’t wait to go to the pumpkin patch! What does your family do every year to celebrate fall?


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  1. Kelley Wilson says:
    Thanks as always for hosting!
  2. Kelley Wilson says:
    Thanks Winnie I appreciate it
  3. Kelley Wilson says:
    This was my first SITS twitter share, thanks for stopping by
  4. Kelley Wilson says:
    THank you Jeanne, it is amazing our school does this every year and it is so much fun
  5. Kelley Wilson says:
    Thanks Tiffany, have a great weekend
  6. Kelley Wilson says:
    I can't thank you enough!
  7. Jess from Coxs Corne says:
    Featuring YOU today at Artsy Corner!
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      YEa thanks so much!
  8. the cape on the corn says:
    how fabulous! i love the smurf pumpkin someone made. this is why i love halloween...such creativity and silliness and fun!
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      I know how fun it all is! Thanks for stopping in!
  9. Jessi @ Practically says:
    Oh my gosh that is too cool! What a fun idea, and you guys did a GREAT job! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!
  10. It looks fabulous !Wonderful job :)
  11. Haley Bartlett says:
    How Fun and I love that pumpkin. Found you on SITS twitter share today :)
  12. Congrats! I'll be featuring this tomorrow on 'Or so she says...' as one of my two favorites from last week's link party. As a bonus, I will also share it with my followers on Pinterest and Facebook! Would love to have you stop back, the party opens again tomorrow...check out your post (and see it on shared elsewhere!) www.oneshetwoshe.com
  13. Love your Yoda pumpkin so much!! It's amazing what third graders can come up with...those pumpkins pictured (that witch with the long green nose was fantastic!) Saw you over At The Picket Fence party...come visit!
  14. tiffany lagrange says:
    This yoda pumpkin totally cracks me up in so many ways! Great job! http://www.craftinterrupted.com
  15. The Lovely Mrs. P says:
    Love it! I featured this today! Thank you for linking up to my Halloween Linky! Kim
  16. Tonna @ Navy Wifey P says:
    Your Yoda is AWESOME!!! So original! I'd love for you to share Yoda and any other crafts at my linky party, Submarine Sunday. I hope you'll stop by!T'onnahttp://navywifeypeters.blogspot.com/2012/10/subma...
  17. Haha, Yoda pumpkin... so clever!
  18. Shantalle@lifestyles says:
    That is amazing!
  19. The Lovely Mrs. P says:
    Ok so you already linked up! Whoops! Kim
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      Ha! So funny, thanks for the compliment!
  20. The Lovely Mrs. P says:
    That pumpkin is awesome! I would love it if you would link it up at my Halloween Spooktackular Month Long Linky! Kim~madeinadayhttp://madeinaday.com/2012/10/02/halloween-spooktacular-link-up/
  21. Kristy Creighton says:
    That is the best pumpkin ever! LOL I love it! Found you at Twirl & Take A Bow's link partyKristy @ Shona Skye Creationshttp://shonaskye.blogspots.com
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      awww thanks, it was lots of fun!
  22. Alyssa@Clever Nest says:
    Haha, wow, that pumpkin is amazing! Definitely never seen anything like it before:) I came over from Craft o Maniac.I'd love it if you came by and said hi!Alyssa www.myclevernest.com
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      Thanks Alyssa will head there in a bit
  23. Stephanie Michaels says:
    Love Yoda, my friend will go nuts. Thanks for sharing on Super Sweet Saturday.Stephswtboutique.blogspot.com
    1. Stephanie Michaels says:
      Had to feature Yoda tonight on Super Sweet Saturday. My friend was loosing it when she saw that!Stephswtboutique.blogspot.com
    2. Kelley Wilson says:
      Lol thanks so much Stephanie!

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