20 Amazing Uses for Aquaphor Ointment

Aquaphor Ointment is one of my favorite beauty products. In all seriousness, if you have never used Aquaphor ointment you are missing out! Here are 20 Uses for Aquaphor Ointment that will make you love it as much as I do.

20 Amazing uses for Aquaphor ointment!

I first learned of Aquaphor from my dermatologist for my psoriasis. I would use it as a moisturizer and water barrier on my hands. When I realized it was the best thing since sliced bread was when I decided to use it as a diaper ointment. This is tip #1. When my son would get a red fanny I would put this on and not only would it heal it right up but it would repel moisture from getting the skin more irritated. Nothing I tried not A&D, not Butt Paste nothing worked as good as this. However, there are lots of other uses I bet you never even thought of! Here are my favorite 25.

2. Madtown Macs shared how she uses it to get her polish perfect when she gives herself a pedi!
3. To soften feet while you sleep
4. To make unruly eyebrows lay down
5. As a facial moisturizer when your skin is really dry, it won’t clog your pores
6. A makeup remover
7. Run it along your hairline when you are dying your hair so you don’t get dye on your forehead
8. Chaffing for athletes from skin on skin or from your sports bra etc.
9. Minor burns from cooking or ironing
10. Put up your nostrils to prevent frequent nosebleeds from dry sinus’
11. Use it to loob up a door hinge
12. Use on a new tattoo or after facial resurfacing
13. Smooth on just shaved skin as an aftershave
14. Rub into cradle cap
15. Use on a rectal thermometer
16. Rub on cracked nipples from breastfeeding
17. It makes a fantastic Lip Balm
18. Spread on your pregnant belly to prevent stretch marks
19. Spread a dab on hair to get out gum
20. Smear on cuticles to soften them before a mani/pedi
Have you ever tried Aquaphor? If so what do you use it for?


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  1. Stephanie Anne Maharaj says:
    I've used aquaphor on my lips and on my kid's too for years now, once your lips are used to Aquaphor, your lips can tell when you stop using it. Aquaphor is pretty safe on every use, I've also used it as a diaper rash preventive. I tried using the baby only Aquaphor, don't be fooled, both types of Aquaphor contain the same ingredients, plain Aquaphor is totally safe for a baby. He's a pacifier baby thanks to the hospital giving him one every time he fussed, anyways, sometimes his upper lip gets chapped from the moisture, Aquaphor is good for that too.
    1. Yes you are right they are the same and using it as diaper ointment was my favorite use for it
  2. Velda Preston says:
    A friend recommended that I use it for dark circles under my eyes, and let me tell U!!!!!! My skin looks renew and refreshed for 45. I even use it to moisturize my lips. It is my must have in my beauty regiment. :)
  3. Can you use it on cracked nipples while breastfeeding?
    1. I would always check with your Dr. before using anything the baby might ingest. I used Medela or Lansinoh but if those are not working for you then I would certainly call and ask. Good luck I loved breastfeeding my babies but I for sure don't miss that part of it.
  4. I accidentally used it for my 11 years old chapped lips...is this safe. He has Treenut Allergy
    1. It is safe for chapped lips. I am not aware that it would conflict with a tree nut allergy but you should always check with your Dr. if you are unsure
  5. Does anyone use aquaphor for dry eyelids..........
    1. I'm not going to say for sure but I would think it would be fine because it's non-comedogenic
    2. Yes! I am a swimmer, and my goggles make my eyes red, dry, and puffy... I have been using aquaphor for months now and it's amazing!! It took awhile for my eyes to de-puff, but now if my eyes start to get a little dry I just put aquaphor on it. After a day my eyes aren't dry at all anymore!
  6. I had breast cancer surgery which required radiation afterwards. I used it to help prevent any sun burn like effects. It worked as I never experienced anything other than a little redness!
  7. I love it! For me it was like magic while undergoing radiation for breast cancer. All hospitals should have it on hand!
  8. My family always use it before any flights especially during cold season (pretty much year round for travelers). It's said to keep germs from penetrating the barrier to your dry nose membranes. I use it for my cuticles in winter and in under and around my nails when I garden even when I wear gloves. Makes the dirt that is able to get in a cinch to wash out.
    1. Yes my mom uses it in her nose every night during the fall and winter, great tips thanks for sharing!
  9. I teach swim lessons and the chlorine really irritates my skin, especially in the winter. I put on a generous amount of Aquaphor to my hands before getting in the pool and it creates a good barrier and prevents my skin from drying.
    1. Same! I spend a good 20 hours in the pool each week and without protection I get first degree burns that resemble a sunburn all over my body. I'm going to try the new Aquaphor spray for easier applicatino.
  10. I didn't know you could use this for cradle cap! My sister had been trying to use olive oil to fix her baby's cradle cap. We'll have to try this! I use it as a "mask" while I sleep and when I wake up the next morning, the zits trying to appear the night before are completely gone. Love aquaphor!
  11. I`m on blood thinners and bruise easy. Will it help remove the bruise marks? Please reply.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Not that I know of Ray. I know that is a real problem with taking blood thinners.
  12. I love vaseline but I worry because it's known to clog pores. In the winter, my face dries out so bad that it burns. I always opt for relief over beauty. Then I see what looks to be the beginning of a breakout coming on and regret starts to set in. Thanks to your blog, I may not have to worry about it anymore. Great info! Thanks!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      You will love it then! Always glad to be of help!
  13. Jill @ Create.Craft. says:
    Love Aquaphor! Can't wait to try that nail polish trick! We use it on my son's face when it gets chapped this time of year. Works like a charm!
  14. Chelsea @ Making Hom says:
    Wait, make up remover? awesome! I had never heard of Aquaphor until about 4 months ago when it was recommended for my daughter's skin! I use it on her every night- now I'll be using it too!!
  15. Sharon @ Elizabeth & says:
    Love this stuff! My dermatolgist recommended it (even gave me a sample) for healing after I had some moles removed and my skin really healed nicely.
  16. Four Marrs and One V says:
    Really? No clue-- had NO clue about any of those great ideas! Thanks!
  17. Bonnie and Trish @ U says:
    Can I tell you how much I LOVE LOVE Aquaphor!! Found it when my almost 14 year old was a baby and have used it ever since!! ;)Thanks for sharing!
  18. Kelley Wilson says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  19. Anonymous says:
    I think its a bit too greasy, and made mostly of petroleum. So why not just use vaseline, it's cheaper.
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      ActuallyVaseline is 100% petrolatum while aquaphor is not entirely petrolatum (about 41%).Aquaphor contains ingredients like lanolin and glycerin while Vaseline does not and Aquaphor is used as a base for pharmaceutical ointments unlike Vaseline.
  20. The Thriftiness Miss says:
    Ok I knew this was good for my son's dry skin but the door hinge and hair dying trick is genius! Love it :)
  21. Jenny @ Spry On The says:
    Aquaphor is the best! I use it all the time! Though I see some things on your list I haven't used it for yet. Thanks for the ideas!
  22. Kelley @ TheGrantLif says:
    We love it over here! Its great for the kids excema. Love this must though!

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