Tuesday 10: My favorite blog post’s

Lena over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby has a great Tuesday link up.  This week she has asked to write a post about your 10 favorite post’s from your blog.  This is a great way for first timers or people new to my blog to see a lot in one place. This is my first time joining thanks to Julie at White Lights on Wednesday for introducing me to this party!

OK so here we go my #1 favorite, ok I will admit it’s also gotten the most traffic
Crockpot Lotion Bars


The rest are in no particular order
Lego Fruit Snacks because they were so fun to make and the kids are still asking me to make more
Dinosaur Eggs which Juggling Act just did with her kids, it was just a really fun time with the boys
Popcorn Ice Cream because it may sound gross but it is unbelievably good. Go ahead think out of the box and try it, you won’t be disappointed I promise
Our Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Lunch, one of the reason’s I love my hubby is that he is a foodie but also that he is spontaneous, this is by far the best burger I have ever eaten!
OK, I’m half way there keep going
Why I drug My Child, is a look into why parents should not be afraid to give children Med’s for ADHD, it is not a label it is a diagnosis just like cancer or any other diagnosis.
Baked Fontina, there is no way to describe how cheesy, garlicky, good this is.
Crockpot Buffalo Quesadillas, if you like wings you will love this!
A Porch Updo, I enjoyed every day looking out the window at this it really has brought me lots of smiles, now unfortunately due to our freakishly hot weather a lot of it is dead but when I need to I can come back to my blog and look at it!
and #10 well it’s special because it was my first, it was what got me started on this little road to blogging which has opened lots of new doors for me and made me very happy. The pictures are horrible and I really should go back and change it but I can’t it is a measure of how far I have come  and how far I still have to go LOL.
and just in case you are wondering it has held up fantastic!
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I'm a mom of 3 boys, 2 by birth one by marriage. I love to cook, watch chick flicks, read and drink wine. I hate cleaning up my craft messes, doing laundry and the dishes! I love watching my boys grow and change and see how differently they view the world. Join me on the blog where I try to provide you with recipes and tips to make your life easier!


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    Thanks so much for linking up! Going to check out the ice cream popcorn for 'sho!And I MUST read the "why I drug my child post"… I get some flack for that myself (My son has autism & ADHD & Anxiety!)

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    Found you on bloggy moms! That popcorn ice cream looks amazing! Now following:)Alwayssaygrace.com

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    I always love reading about different blog posts. I am your newest follower. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this post. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. It runs from Wednesdays to Sundayshttp://www.adornedfromabove.com/I hope to see you there. It would be great if you would follow me also. Have a great Day.Debi BolocofskyAdorned From Above http://www.adornedfromabove.com

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    You'be been a busy little beaver – and I'm wishing I had that popcorn ice cream in front of me you teaser you! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

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    Thanks for sharing this on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you’ll be back again this week with some more great ideas!-Mackenziehttp://www.cheeriosandlattes.com

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    OMG popcorn ice cream! Sounds fabulous, I'm definitely going to try it :-)Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

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