How to Make a Recipe Page For Your Blog

Recently a few people have asked me how I have made my Recipe Page and Link Party Pages look so nice, so I thought I would share. Read through and I will tell you the extra bonus to this

Here is a look at my Recipes Page:

and here is a snippet of my linky party page called Party With Me.
Both of these pages were really easy to create and keep updated. First you go to InLinkz. When you get there you will need to sign up, this part is free so don’t worry. 
Once you sign up you go to The Link Manager.

Then you will hit add new collection. I made a collection for each day of linky parties and one for my recipe page.

You will need to put in how many columns and what size you want you can see what mine is here, it of course will depend on the width allowed by your template. You will also click to show Display Name. This is for showing a title below the picture. I do on my Recipes page but not on my Linky Party page since most linky icons have the name on them anyway.

Once you make your collection you will get a snippet of HTML code to put on your blog page where you want the collection to show up. This is all you need to do to set it up.

Then you can go back to InLinkz and start entering in your recipes and Link Parties by opening up the collection you are adding to and clicking on add new link. You can enter the information in this box for each item. There is the Name, the description for your use, the displayed name (which will show if you checked display name above), the tooltip text which is what will display if someone hovers over the link, the target URL is what you are linking to and then you can put in tags of your own so if you need to search your links to find one it will be easier, then you can select image. You can select an image by using a Picture URL, downloading from your computer or by selecting from a webpage.

When you select an image you can un-click square thumbnail to fit the entire pic you are wanting to use, I do this for my link parties because not all badges are square. You just un-click the box and drag the box to make it the size you want.

Once you hit accept it will appear on the side in your My Link’s section. You will then need to drag and drop it into your collection.

Once you hit save at the bottom of the page it will automatically update your blog page almost as if by magic! Are you wondering how I got these screen shots and put the circles and arrows on them? Check back later this week and I’ll show ya! If you have any other questions please ask I will be glad to help you if I can!

Oh yea I almost forgot the extra bonus, when I am ready to go link up to my favorite parties, I just go to my page and click on all the parties for that day which opens up all the windows to let me get my party on!


  White Lights on Wednesdays     Stringtown Home


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  1. says

    This sounds just too easy! Way more simplistic than the route I was going to go. Can't wait to put my page together. Thanks for the tip Kelley!

  2. says

    Kelley… I may just be singing your praises soon… my archives are a mess and I TOTALLY need help on this! Gotta give it a try! :) You rock! :) Thanks for sharing on Saturday Show & Tell today! :) Mackenzie

    • says

      Welcome, I have been over to your blog and am a follower as well. I would love to do the Masquerade ball but I only do Halloween crafts, I am one of those bad mommies that just goes pick a # at Party City. I love the idea though. I will send it out on my twitter and FB for you

  3. says

    This is a great idea! I've been trying (and failing) to make a gallery page from scratch. This will save me tons of time! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. says

    Bless you for sharing this! I have a mess of a recipe page in my drafts, but haven't completed it yet. This is definitely the route I'll be taking. Thanks SO much for this tutorial.

  5. says

    I feel like you ready my mind! I just made a recipe and craft page and they look a bit wonky as does my linky party page. I have book marked this post and will correct my wonkiness! Fabulous and beyond useful information! Kathy Penney @ Pinner Takes All

  6. says

    Kelly,That is so great. I was just wondering how you did that. I use Linky, I bet I can do the same thing there. You are brilliant. P.S. Love your blog and your parties.Debi @ Adorned From Above

  7. says

    I am going to pin this so I can read it thoroughly later on. I've recently added a recipe list to my blog and this tutorial will help me make it look even nicer. Thanks! Found you from Shaken Together.

  8. says

    This is great! I need to do an index for my recipes and just had no idea where to start. Do you know if I wanted to categorize my recipes, would I do a separate link up for each category? Pinned this for other bloggers to find, thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hey Joan, yes if you want to categorize you will need to do separate links, if you look up at the snap of my Link Party page you will see that I have a separate one for every day of the week, then I just put the links in order when I pasted the HTML. It's then easiest to post a link to each group, then go to your page and put in your headings between the links

  9. says

    Thanks so much for this wonderful post. I am a bit intimidated by this and I tried setting up my link for my recipes and then gave up. Wasn't sure I was doing it right. You explained it so much better. I will go back and try again. Thanks

  10. says

    Thanks so much! This looks SO MUCH BETTER than the one I had started. I'm a new fan from Online BlogCon- thanks for sharing this link on FB there! By the way, it looks like the list manager may not be free anymore after November. :( Hopefully they don't charge too much for it.

  11. says

    With Inlinkz and your tutorial, I have been able to finally create the recipe index I have longed to have on my blog for the longest time! Thank you!!

  12. says

    this is great but how to you host a link party. I have linked up to many and I would like to set that up on my blog too. I want people to be able to enter there own url and pic like I have done in the past. Any tips?

    • says

      If you go to Inlinkz on the left side of the page is Link Tool Button adn that is how you set up your link party. It will give you the code to paste in your post to run your Party. This is a paid service but very reasonable.

  13. says

    Thank you so much for making this post available! It was really informative and your step by step guide just helped me to figure out how to make a recipe index with thumbnails (finally) for my new blog, So far I only have one recipe post but I am looking forward to seeing how it expands. Just curious though: do you have something other than the InLinkz free account? When I signed up, they had a disclaimer that as of January 2013 they are now limiting the free accounts to 50 entries. Given that, I am just curious if you are still using their service or if you have found other means of posting your thumbnails to the index. For now, I'm good but when I hit 50 I'll have to decide whether I want to pay the fee.

    • says

      I love the name of your blog! I know they said they are charging but I am wondering if it is 50 links per collection because I use if for my recipe page and for my linky party page which is for sure over 50. I have not been charged for anything and everything is still working and allowing me to put links in. I guess it will be a wait and see but for now this is still what I am using.

  14. says

    Oh yeah…thank you so much for this easy peasy tutorial! I love my new page for my recipe collection. Have a great weekend!XO Barbara

  15. says

    thank you alot for your kindness sharing, your instruction is really really make me happy and i did very well now even english is not my mother language, love you alot xxxx

  16. says

    Thanks for the tips! One question though. How do you change the size of the font of the title of the thumbnail? Mine defaulted to SUPER small:(

  17. says

    Hi Kelly, sorry for my maybe silly question but I am new here… I have followed all your instructions and I could create my recipe index then pasted the code to Pages on blogger and all works when I am at preview mode… as soon as I publish the layout changes and i see all my recipes showing up like posts.. so the preview works fine, i can see all the pictures with the recipes but when i hit on publish all gets spoiled and transforms to "posts"…hope I have explained myself…Do you have any idea how I could fix that? Would appreciate much your help!!!

    • says

      Hi Gosia, I am sorry I have no idea why it would show up as a post but if you email or tweet InLinkz they are very prompt in helping and answering your question. They should show up like they do in my recipe box if you click on that link at the top of my page.

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