Adding Characters to your Comments on Social Media

Ok if you are really tech savvy then just skip right over this post and read the great one below it! If you are in your 40′s like me and savvy but not cool keep reading. Last night my one of my BFF’s Becky and I were having a conversation with a dad during Soccer Practice about Google. They are both teachers and were talking about technology in the classroom. One of the comments we were laughing over was that it is faster to Google a question than to ask your professor. What do you want to know? Just Google it, ask the whole question. My recent one was how to make a heart on Facebook  I see emoticons all the time but have never known how to make them. Disclaimer people I’m 43, I took typing on a typewriter in high school, we didn’t have computers when I was young so yes I am a little behind the times! So here is how you make hearts, suns and all kinds of stuff.

You first press your ALT key and then a number. You have to use the numbers on the key pad on the right side of your computer. If you do not have a keypad you will need to press ALT, FN and then Press the colored numbers that you find next to the letters on your keyboard NOT the numbers at the top of your keyboard they won’t work.

Here are some combo’s for you.

Alt + 1 ☺
Alt + 2 ☻
Alt + 3 ♥
Alt + 4 ♦
Alt + 5 ♣
Alt + 6 ♠
Alt + 7 •
Alt + 8 ◘
Alt + 9 ○
Alt + 10 ◙
Alt + 11 ♂
Alt + 12 ♀
Alt + 13 ♪
Alt + 14 ♫
Alt + 15 ☼
Alt + 16 ►
Alt + 17 ◄
Alt + 18 ↕
Alt + 19 ‼
Alt + 20 ¶
Alt + 21 §
Alt + 22 ▬
Alt + 23 ↨
Alt + 24 ↑
Alt + 25 ↓
Alt + 26 →
Alt + 27 ←
Alt + 28 ∟
Alt + 29 ↔
Alt + 30 ▲
Alt + 31 ▼
What other great symbols do you know how to make?

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    You rock! I'd consider myself fairly tech savvy but I didn't know how to do this – super excited!

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