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20+ Back to School Recipes and Crafts

Here are more great Back To School Recipes and Crafts and our $350 Cash Giveaway as well as some great spice packets from Urban Accents to make your busy nights easier. Two dry glazes and two veggie roasters. They are available at grocery stores, Costco midwest and online at They are the creators of specialty items […]

20 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

Celebrate Grilled Cheese Month with 20 of the best!

Recipe for over 20 of the best grilled cheese sandwiches to really kick up your plain old sandwich!

We love grilled cheese and our favorite way is to make it and dip it into Creamy Tomato Soup! April is National Grilled Cheese Month so to celebrate I am bringing you the 20 of the best grilled cheese sandwich recipes.   Cowhorn Pepper Grilled Cheese from I Love My Disorganized Life     California Grilled […]

The Easiest Way to Shred Chicken

No more messy hands or lots of time using 2 forks this quick and easy way is hands down the best.


I can’t wait to show you this trick! This is the easiest way to shred chicken and have it be consistent. The bonus is that you can keep your hands clean! I very often use shredded chicken in my recipes. I used to use 2 forks, one would hold the breast while the other pulled. […]

How to Clean Gas Stove Burners

Here is a great trick I learned from The V Spot!

How to clean stove burners

Before I show you how to clean gas stove burners, I’m going to share with you my Pinterest problems. I keep seeing all these little concoctions and tricks to clean stuff at home so I have started trying some to see if they really work. The first was using the Clorox stick on grout this is […]

Freezer Meals 101: Tips and Tricks for Successful Freezer Meals

Get my great tips plus a FREE printable shopping list for planning your freezer meals!

Tips on what to use, how to freeze and organize once a month cooking! Includes the best shopping list I've ever seen to plan out multiple meals and consolidate ingredients!

    Would you like to cook for one day and have meals for fifteen? My friend Wendy and I have gotten together and make multiple freezer meals a few times. We’ve learned a few things, and I’m going to share with your our tips and tricks for successful freezer meals. I also created this […]

Organize It! Blog Planning

Blog Planner to organize post's passwords, social media and your groceries!

It’s another installment of Organize It! Today’s subject Blog Planning! All too often I am running around crazy trying to get things for my blog made, photographed, edited, written up and shared on social media. There is a lot more to blogging than most people think. When I say I am a blogger many people […]

Cook It! Craft It! Share It! Link Party

Link up and share your best post and appear on 5 Blogs!

Join us every wednesday at 8:30 pm for our link party - We want your recipes, crafts, DIY and advice posts! Share it all on 5 Fab Blogs

I’m excited to announce I am hooking up with 4 other fantastic bloggers to bring you a new link party! We can’t wait to support and share other bloggers and their great recipes, crafts, advice and DIY projects! My joint hostesses with the mostest are:  Katie at Clark’s Condensed, Doree at Top Notch Mom, Katie at View from the […]

How to Dry and Store Lettuce


Last week I shared with you how to prep so you can have a variety of toppings for salad available.  Today I am going to show you the best way to dry and store lettuce. I love a good kitchen gadget. I am having an issue of space so buying a big salad spinner is […]

Kid’s Tips

Best Book Series for Tweens The Best Kids Halloween Movies Back To School Teacher Gifts How to Prevent Swimmers Ear 10 Best Board Games for Families How to Get the Locker Room Smell Out of Your Car Teaching Preschoolers Graphing Free Printable Valentine Cards and Cupcake Toppers Yoda Pumpkin How to Get The Sour Milk […]

Cooking Tips

Behind the Scenes at the Southern Living Test Kitchen Freezer Meals 101: Tips and Tricks for Successful Freezer Meals How to Cut the Bitter Taste of Grapefruit How to Roast Garlic The 10 Best Tips for Grilling in the Winter Holiday Gift Guide for the Everyday Home Cook Holiday Baking Essentials Gift Guide Online Meal […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Great tips to get you motivated to spring clean and succeed!

Tips to get you motivated to clean!

Ok so they say cleanliness is next to godliness, well if that is the case then I’m gonna be stuck in purgatory for a long time! I used to have what I call a Domestic Goddess come in every 2 weeks but that is not in the budget right now so I am on my own. I do mean […]

The 10 Best Tips for Grilling in the Winter

Also includes my Bourbon BBQ Chicken Recipe and a GIVEAWAY!

The best bourbon bbq chicken recipe ever!

Thank you Kraft for sponsoring this post. Grilling enthusiasts like me know that grilling is a year-round experience, and Kraft Barbecue Sauce helps me take my grilling to a new level of amazing. Did you know that more than 60% of backyard chefs grill year-round? Are you resistant to grilling in the winter or in […]