The Best Laundry Stain Remover

The best thing I have ever used to remove chocolate ice cream, red slushie dye and dirt!

OK so let’s get down and dirty here! I’ve got boys and they are just stinky and messy! They can be outright pigs with chocolate, grass, mud, ink, and dinner! I have looked high and low for the best product to get out clothing stains, and I finally found it! You have seen it in the grocery store and probably thought ” That has been around forever there is no way it is as good as the new stuff!” It’s probably what your grandmother used but the proof is in the pudding folks (or should I say chocolate ice cream, red slushie dye and good old Georgia clay)

 The best way to remove stains, mud, chocolate and red dye from a slushie amazing!

The answer to this amazing before and after is BizBiz contains more stain fighting ingredients. The bottle has recently had a makeover but it’s the same great formula. They asked me to take the Biz Challenge and try it over the brand I currently use. 

Biz will remove any stain, 2 day old chocolate ice cream, red slushie dye and GA red clay see the results

I gave Biz a try on Matthew’s white polo shirt. It had 2 day old chocolate ice cream stains and dirt all over it. In Georgia we have something called red clay and it’s really hard to get out of clothes.  Here is the before. It looks like something Pig Pen would wear, you can almost smell the stank can’t you? 

Before I cleaned my son's shirt with BIZ click through to see the after it's amazing

I followed the directions and dampened the shirt first. Next I put Biz on the major spots and let it sit for 10 minutes. Lets face it to get everything on this shirt I would have had to use 1/2 the bottle.  I threw it in with some other things and dried it. (I didn’t even look at it before I threw it in the dryer!) 

How I cleaned chocolate ice cream, red slushie dye and red clay out of this shirt with no bleach

So while you are waiting for my shirt to dry you can go here and see how Biz stacked up against all the other leading brands including the one I used to buy. (Notice that is past tense)

 So here it is fresh out of the dryer, stain free! I have to say I was shocked. There was nothing left on this shirt. It looked brand new. I promise you this is an unedited photo and not a new shirt. This shirt was a year old when I ran this test.

How I got chocolate ice cream, red slushie dye and mud out of this shirt with no bleach

So let’s review the before


 Can you believe how great Biz did? I had never used Biz before and I will never use anything else again! As a busy mom I don’t have time to check every piece of clothing that goes into my wash so now I just add a cap full into every light and white load Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients than any other current brand it is truly the best laundry stain remover. I went back and tried it on my son’s school shirt that had ink on it. It was previously washed and dried and the biz got the ink out. Grass stains on their baseball uniforms, it does it all. Here again is the after:

How I got chocolate ice cream, red slushie dye and mud out of this shirt with no bleach

If you want to try Biz you can save $1 on Biz by downloading this coupon or go here and use my affiliate link to buy it from Amazon and have it delivered to your door. Click here to find out where to buy Biz or follow them on Facebook

So what stains would you like to try Biz on? Leave me a comment below, try it with the coupon and then come back and tell me how it worked.

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  1. Katie @Clarks Condensed says:

    I’m going to have to try this! Jack has somehow learned (not from me or Forrest!) that shirts make good napkins….so basically, all his clothes are filthy by the end of the day!

  2. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas says:

    Oh yeah, that stuff is amazing. I soak my husband’s hunting clothes in it when he has had an especially successful hunt. Gets the yuck right out. It’s great for the every day stains too, which kids seem to bring by the millions. That shirt looks brand new!

  3. Rachel@ {i love} my disorganized life says:

    I’ve used BIZ before, and my mom used to use it ALL the time when my sister was still with us, but WOW. I’d forgotten how great it was! And we used the powder and then added water to make a paste. I’m loving the liquid even better!

  4. Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade says:

    Wow, I’m going to have to try this! We have SO many white polo shirts that look just like your “before” pictures!

  5. Amy Anderson says:

    This is amazing! Wow!

  6. Sondra (Sondra Lyn at Home) says:

    Gotta get me some of that!! It sounds awesome! Thanks for writing about it.

    • Kelley Wilson says:

      You’re welcome, I am a total convert now!

  7. Jess @ Chaos & Love says:

    I’m gonna have to check this out! My husband’s work clothes get so gross and stinky.

  8. Amanda (Moming About) says:

    I need to try this! I feel like my whites never stay white enough. :(

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