I Freakin did it Friday # 12

Welcome to I Freakin’ did it Friday, unfortunately I got the party up late last week so we didn’t get as many linkups. It’s been a great week but crazy at Wilson House, October is always my nuttiest month.  Today I spent my morning at Matthew’s preschool making fall t-shirts, I will share next week how we did them, they turned out so cute!
I also attended my first blog conference this week, all from the comfort of my own home! It was the first Online BlogCon

I learned so much and it was worth way more than the $15 I payed to attend! Put it on your calendar for next year. The best part has been the participant Facebook page where we have all been chatting and sharing info. Ang who was my Blog Angel was the one who told me about it! Thanks Ang!

This weekend I am attending the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park with a bunch of bloggers from Georgia that I met on the Atlanta Home and DIY Bloggers Facebook Page. If you are from the ATL you should check out this page, you would be surprised to find out who you live close too! We are also getting a special preview which I will share with you next week!
So onto our party, this weeks yummy most viewed post is from Coffee Caramel & Cream. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
My faves were, Tutus and Tea Parties and her cute Chocolate Covered Candy Corn Colored Strawberry Pops!
and Silhouette Trick or Treat Bags from Uncommon Designs, the thing I like about these is anyone can do them, they don’t require any kind of special cutter or machine!
If you are interested in co-hosting this party please shoot me an email or leave a comment below!



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    Thanks for the invite over. I STILL have posts to catch up from BlogCon! Jeez… I've been so busy!

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    Thanks for hosting. I am glad to have met you at Blogcon this week :) I picked up on your party through FB. Have a great weekend!

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      Thanks for linking up! I am still trying to catch up on all the FB Pages! It's hard because a lot of people don't have there blog listed on there personal page so I am not always sure when someone likes me what blog they are coming from!

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    Thank you for hosting! I love stopping by to check out all the great posts bloggers link up, even if I don't get one in myself ;)! Have a fantastic week ahead!

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    Thank you so much for hosting, and it was so nice to meet you yesterday at the Country Living Fair! I had never been to that fair before, but I can't imagine not going to it again next year! It was awesome! ~Erica @ http://www.deuelfamily.com

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