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Thank you to Kleenex Hand Towels for sponsoring this post about how I’m making my bathroom guest-ready! To learn more about Kleenex Hand Towels or to find out how you can save money when you buy your own, check out this site.

Our family uses Kleenex hand towels in our guest bathroom and has for over 2 years now. This bathroom is not only for our guests but is the only one on the main floor of our home so it is used by everyone. Can you say germ city! There is a very important reason why we use Kleenex hand towels and why I love them so much. When my husband had his kidney transplant they talked to us about germs and said that bathroom hand towels were the worst place in a house to transfer germs to each other, this is when we started using Kleenex Hand Towels and I can honestly say that we have had a decrease in passing colds and things around our house.

I like to keep this bathroom looking pretty and fresh so it is ready when friends and guests come. In August  some of our best friends are moving from California to Florida and will stopping here for 2 nights on the way we are so excited. I have the guest room all ready and now it’s time to spruce up the bathroom.

I try to make my guest’s feel as if they have no worries so I always try to think of things they may forget. How many times have you gone somewhere and either run out of a toiletry or realized you forgot your toothbrush? My mom used to have baskets with extras so here is my little container that sits on the back of the toilet. In it is an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, Q-tips and cotton balls, kids shampoo, contact lens solution and a few other goodies. The other thing I do for my guest’s is provide liquid bath soap. No one wants to use the same bar soap that another stranger has used and I don’t think I need to explain why…just think about where that bar may have been.

Kleenex also challenged me to make a Hand Towel Holder for my bathroom, since I am limited on counter space in my guest bath I was totally up for this. Here is what I came up with and how to make it. The total project was about $10.

I started out with a crate from Micheal’s Arts and Crafts and some Grey Weathered Stain.
Using a sponge brush (these were 14 for $1 at Micheal’s) I brushed the stain on the crate
Then I wiped it off with a rag which gave me that weathered look
Here is the finished stained crate and I think this took me less than 10 minutes
I needed a way to hang this on the wall that would not pull off every time someone pulled out a Kleenex Hand Towel so I used these 2 products
I put the ring hangers on the back of the crate

and put the phantom hangers into the wall these are great if you are not drilling into a stud and they literally punch right in with your hand no tools required.

Next put in your Kleenex Hand towels and pull a towel out through the slats in the crate
Thank hang your towel dispenser on the wall. I have to say I love it so much
 I am making one for all our bathrooms. Every time you pull one out another pops out through the crate just like a hand towel should.

Join the 14 million people who have already joined the Clean Hands campaign by using Kleenex Hand Towels, and click here for savings and more!            
I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.




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    What a great idea! I'm hosting a linky party "One Creative Weekend" at <a rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow">OneCreativeMommy.com. I'd love for you to visit and link up this idea and/or anything else you'd like to share.

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    You are too smart for your own good! I love how you made a paper towel dispenser look completely amazing in your bathroom. I hate how the off the shelf variety looks-but this is fab:)Thanks for linking up at Get Schooled Saturday!xxxKim

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    What an awesome idea! We have basically no space in our bathroom either (pedestal sink, no counters…blech) so this would be perfect. Thanks so much for linking this up to The Fun In Functional!

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    I am hoping you're right and blogging gets my rear in gear! I still feel like I'm procrastinating but I think I'm still finding my groove. Thanks so much for sharing this at my party by the way!

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    Fellow Clever girl here…but you're so MORE clever!Love what you did!I'm so pinning this!Now I'm looking at crate with a new eye.Wonder what else we could do with those!~ DanaCookingAtCafeD.com

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