Make Your Own Pet Treat Jar with Kidecals

A few weeks ago I came across kidecals. Just so you know, I was not asked to do this post, I begged the owner for the labels to try and she sent them to me. This post started off with a totally different intent/ ( I’ll share that in a minute!) kidecals has these great chalkboard labels that are water proof. I tested this out when I knocked over an entire large Tervis Tumber of water on my desk and it started to soak the paper these were on. No problem! This label peeled right off and stuck like glue!  I decided to make a cute jar for Chili’s dog treats.
Make a cute pet treat jar by gluing on a plastic toy and spray painting the lid

I used craft glue to adhere a plastic dog, from the million and one plastic animals in our play room,  to a jar lid. Once that was dry I painted it with a self etching primer from Krylon. Lastly I Painted the top coats with Rust-Oleum spray paint in Blue Ocean Breeze (yes I know I just committed the mortal sin of using 2 competing companies) I did a few light coats to cover it all. Finally I adhered one of these. kidecals says they will stay on through the dishwasher but I have not tried that yet. I will update this post though when I do.

Kidecals Chalk board labels I used this on a treat jar and they stay on even in the dishwasher #kidecals #chalboardlabels

 The quality of these labels is awesome. They are thick but not stiff and very sturdy. I found them very easy to use. I put one on the front of the jar and wrote Dog Treats on it. Here is Chili she is just waiting for me to get it finished so she can have a treat!

Now for the original intent of this post and how I found kidecals …Recently many of the letters on my computer keys have rubbed off. It’s fine for me because I am used to it but when someone goes to use my computer it freaks them out. ( I don’t have the heart to say “Hey it’s like any other keyboard the keys are all in the same place.” (Well really I WANT to say that but I’m trying to filter better)


Kidecals makes Keycals. They are intended for a Mac so I emailed them from the website and asked if they would work for my computer, an ASUS, 90% of them do! I put them on my keyboard. It was really easy, just peel and stick. I chose the chartreuse color. I think they are sassy and they make me smile when I open my computer! They have 19 other color schemes.
Keycals for your computer keyboard I found these when my letters started rubbing off and they are great!

The price on these are so reasonable is ridiculous. Where can you get these amazing stickers you ask? Just go to kidecals OR you can can enter to win some next week at the #backtoschoolweek event I am co-hosting with Rachel from {i love} my disorganized life. Through the weeks events we will be giving away 2 set’s of Keycals and a $40 Gift Credit to! Our first giveaway starts Sunday at 6pm est on our twitter chat, just follow #backtoschoolweek.

TweetChat Prize Collage


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